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Sara and Jeff | Bayley Barn

July 12, 2017 ,

Oh my gosh! Sara and Jeff are a shining example of just why I love photographing weddings so much. This couple was so much fun. The dynamic they have with each other, and their wedding party was just contagious. They were such a fun group. I found myself unable to resist smiling with amusement, as I captured candid moments of this wedding party laughing and joking with each other.

Sara and Jeff tied the knot in an outdoor wedding ceremony at Bayley Barn, in the shade of the oak tree. The day was sunny and hot. Everything a perfect summer day should be. Towards the end of the ceremony the officiant asked for the rings, however, no rings were presented. It was quickly discovered that the rings hadn’t made it from their “safe” place in the pickup truck up on the hill.  In true hero fashion, the maid-of-honor went sprinting off toward the truck, heels and all, to retrieve the rings and save the day. The amused laughter of the guests and wedding party, along with the bride and groom followed.  If they can take each bump in the road of life with the same ease and humor, they will have a long, and oh so happy life together.

They sure are off to a fantastic start. Cheers to the happy couple.





















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