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Clarksburg California Wedding | Sacramento Wedding Photography

September 28, 2016 ,


The first time I had the opportunity to work with Amy and Anthony was during their engagement session. I could tell right away they were a very special couple. They are two of the most genuine, kind people I have ever met.  Their wedding took place on family property, protected by beautiful generations-old trees and surrounded by sun-soaked fields.  Amy was happy and relaxed, joking with her bridesmaids, embracing every moment of her day.  Her immense joy to be marrying Anthony overwhelmed any jitters that may have otherwise been present.  When I saw Anthony, and asked him how he was doing, he answered with a big smile. (I don’t think he stopped smiling the whole day) He was so happy that the day had finally arrived that he would be able to call Amy his wife.  Their excited guests arrived in style, matched to the wedding colors of maroon and navy blue. A perfect metaphor for the support this couple received from both sides family and friends.










Under an arch Anthony’s grandfather found for them, decorated with tree boughs and flowers, they said their vows. Their words were heartfelt and sincere, setting a foundation for long and happy marriage.




After the ceremony, Anthony rang the bell that had been in his family for generations, signifying the start of dinner. It was clear by the toasts given that evening, that their families felt equally blessed to be a part of their union and happy that these two amazing families were coming together.


This is such a wonderful, and fun, group of people. Amy and Anthony are surrounded by so much love and support. I feel honored to have been asked to photograph such a special time in their lives. I wish them all the happiness in the world.




  1. What a Beautiful Couple! We are so proud of you, and we wish you all the happiness and success in the world.

    All our LOVE FOREVER!
    Aunt Donna and Uncle John.

  2. These pictures and your description of the emotions of all present is truly beautiful. You captured the warmth and joy of not only the union of bride and groom, but of their families as well. Just a joy to look at , read and feel the love all around.

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